'ASTA' in Japanese means tomorrow, representing women's desire for greater beauty tomorrow, and 'LIFT' represents our support for their desire to "lift the level of beauty":


FUJIFILM research and development building in Japan
ASTALIFT researcher
The researcher is doing ASTAXANTHIN research

History of ASTALIFT

  • 1934

    Fuji Photo Film Company Limited was found

  • 1968

    China- Hong Kong Photo Product Holdings Ltd became the sole distributor of Japan FUJIFILM product in Hong Kong

  • 2007

    FUJIFILM turns astaxanthin into nanoparticles which make stable distribution in skin care products - ASTALIFT was established in Japan

  • 2010

    ASTALIFT landed in Hong Kong

    JELLY AQUARYSTA was launched, restoring the skin’s moisture barrier with 20nm human type nano ceramide

  • 2012

    Developed “D-UV Guard” Technology, protect against “DEEP UVA” (730-400nm) which causes skin age spots and wrinkles.

    ASTALIFT Renewal launched - Lycopene is added with Astaxanthin, to double the ‘power of red’, making 3 times the sustaining power of astaxanthin.

  • 2013

    ASTALIFT White was born: combine the three ingredients A M A, in a perfect match that releases the full potential whitening effects of each ingredients.