Impressive Face and Contour

The key is maintaining firmness and elasticity of mesh collagen

beauty begins beneath your skin

New proprietary complex, “Nano Resveratrol EX” has been developed

to achieve higher penetration. It prevents the degradation

of mesh collagen, keeps the skin moisture and elastic.

*1 Pterocarpus marsupium bark extract (moisturizing ingredients): Combined with oil and nano sized.

Super-antioxidant ingredients - Astaxanthin and Lycopene

with Nano Resveratrol EX to repair mesh collagen.

Collagen score enhanced 1.3 times in 4 weeks continuous used*2

*2 Studied by Fujifilm with Derma Lab ultrasound, 49 years old examinee.

Gently massage the face, rich texture attaching to the skin

and quickly penetrate into the mesh collagen

Moisturizing but not sticky.

Skin becomes moist and shiny after used.