ASTALIFT WHITE Jelly 60G Brightening Collection (Cream)



  • Benefit

    White Jelly Aquarysta

    Integrating the functions of deep moisturizing, elasticity tightening, and whitening. With high concentration and high penetration of the world's smallest 20nm "Human-type Nano Ceramide" with "Uncaria Extract", it achieves "external replenishment and internal reconstruction" and rebuilds the "foundation of the skin". The new effective whitening ingredients "Arbutin" and "Nano AMA+" are added. At the same time, "Horse chestnut extract"  and "Bilberry leaf extract" are used to repel melanin and restore the visible brightness. Glossy, hydrated skin, soft, firm, beautiful and strong glow from the inside.


    Bright Lotion

    Targeting to dull appearance of the skin, prevents collagen degenerate and yellowished. Creates a translucant skin with glow and firmness.


    NEW White Essence Infilt

    Contains "Nano AMA" and "Nano Oryzanol" which intensively penetrates throughout the corneal layer to inhibit melanin generation.


    White Cream S

    Contains Nano AMA+ and evening primrose seed extract which envelops your skin in a veil of hydration for a clear and radiant complexion.

  • How to use

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